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Artistic Shotcrete and Water Features 

What does Turnstone build? 


Turnstone focuses on four specialty markets: 


  • water features

  • naturalistic retaining walls

  • zoological habitats

  • artistic finishes


The common denominator in all of our work is a structural concrete foundation. Finishes include sculpted and stained concrete, natural rock placement, and embedded cobble, sand, and gravel. 


Our projects are built to endure!

What is unique about Turnstone's approach? 

We excel at waterproofing. We provide a system that seals an impregnable membrane between layers of high-strength concrete.

Our forming techniques enable the edges of our work to be hidden or softened by landscaping and architectural elements.

We design hydraulic systems that require minimal maintenance, with operation using as little power and water as possible.

Turnstone employs an elite crew of artists expert in undertaking custom, detail-oriented jobs, completed within budget and schedule.

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Design & Mechanical Work
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Artistic Details
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