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Residential Projects

Water Features and Ponds
Flowing water is one of the most entrancing occurrences in nature. Harnessing this power in a natural way is a Turnstone speciality. With access to our region's beautiful natural rock, including High Cascade granite and basalt, Turnstone is expert in designing and building naturalistic water feature formations.

To ensure longevity, each of our water features is contained within a waterproof structural concrete shell. We use special forming systems to soften the edges of the work and enhance the transition to the landscape, and water treatment systems that are friendly to fish and plants. 
Turnstone specializes in building streamscapes. Some contain pre-built elements, while others meander naturally through trees and rock outcroppings before cascading into a koi pond to produce aeration. One of the keys to building a successful stream is to minimize the visible edge as it transitions to the surrounding landscape.  Turnstone achieves this by forming the concrete at the perimeter of the stream to a point, allowing the streamside plants to engage the streamscape more naturally. 
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