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 “It has been my good fortune to work with Turnstone Construction on the project. John has assembled one of the most professional and cooperative groups of people I have ever worked with, and I look foward to their return in the spring.

—Laurie Cambell, General Superintendent, Cambell Construction, Victoria B.C.


“I had problems, and Fielding and Turnstone were the solution.


—Myles Vixie, Project Manager, Forma Construction


“Turnstone Construction far exceeded my expectations. Their construction standards and work ethic are of the highest quality.  Our project was constructed during one of the wettest winters on record and, even with additions to the scope of work, was completed on time and significantly under budget.

Lynn Sonneman, Owner    


“Jason, thank you so much for building an amazing waterfall for us! We’ve been thoroughly enjoying it every day. Working with you and the team was a great experience. I can’t believe how patient you were with me. I wanted to understand everything and make all kinds of adjustments along the way. I think most people would have gotten frustrated with me, but you never did. Instead, you explained each detail to me until I fully understood it. When I wanted changes, you listened and then guided me in the right direction based on your artistic talent. In the end, we got a finished product that we absolutely love. This was the best experience I’ve ever had working with someone who was designing, building, or repairing something for me. Thank you again!


—Tom, Owner

“Above all, I commend [Turnstone] for the diligence of their research; the artistry of their carvers, finishers, and painters; the speed and care with which they execute their work; and the sense of integrity that they bring to all they do.”

—Monica Lake,  Capital Projects Manager, Woodland Park Zoo


“The buttress tree is so real that people wonder how we got it into the building, and the hand-carved and colored shotcrete work is the best I have ever seen. Many artificial rock firms can produce certain types of rock and mud bank formations that appear real; however, I was truly impressed that you could take the photographs that I had taken in the rainforest and reproduce the weathered stream bank to look and feel just like the real thing.”

—John Aikin, Curator of Planning and Design, The San Francisco Zoological Society


“You (John Fulford), Paul, and the rest of the Turnstone crew were great to work with and created a beautiful water feature.”


—Jeff Mix, Sr Project Engineer, GLY Construction


“Thanks for all of your hard work at our Mercer Island project last week. I'm thrilled with the results and thoroughly enjoyed working with you and all of your team members. Thanks again and please know that I look forward to working with all of you again.”


—Susan, Owner


Confined Space
Rigging/Signaling Training
Manlift Training
Forklift Training
CPR & First Aid Training
Lead Awareness Training
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