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Commercial Projects

Retaining Walls
Turnstone creates its retaining walls with realistic and creative elements. The job is twofold; first, to construct a wall with structural integrity per the engineered specifications, and second, to camouflage that raw fortification in an aesthetically pleasing, natural look. For roadside and commercial walls, Turnstone generally teams with structural shotcrete and geotechnical contractors. 
Urban Water Features
Turnstone designs and builds a wide range of water features using concrete, steel and natural stone for an array of clients. Projects include large waterfalls dropping into pools, hot spas that appear carved into rock outcroppings, spray features for children to cavort in and water systems that sustain life and provide behavioral enrichment in zoo and aquarium exhibits. We design with water conservation and power efficiency goals in mind.
Zoos and Aquariums
Zoos and aquariums require high levels of realism while incorporating the needs and safety requirements for animals and animal management staff. As an example, when building the Humbolt Penguin Exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo, Interpretive Exhibit Specialist R. Scott Vance visited Punta San Juan, Peru, and returned with hundreds of reference photos and rich cultural and geological knowledge. Turnstone helped evolve that raw data into a physical manifestation of this desert penguin species' home at the Woodland Park Zoo, and won the 2009 American Zoological Association award for best exhibit.
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