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Water Feature Design and Mechanical Systems

Design Process
All of our designs are done in house and are rendered specifically for their individual or multiple functions, be it animal/plant habitat, water sound/turbulence,  structural importance, energy consumption, or purely aesthetic. 
Mechanical Systems
Turnstone designs water features to run with peak efficiency. Water pumps are regulated for maximum flow when desired and can revert to a recirculating mode when not. Depending on the needs of the client, different types of filtration systems can be implemented; chlorinating, ozone generator, and/or ultra violet (UV) light. In many cases, Turnstone has taken overly complex and unnecessarily expensive mechanical systems and interchanged them with much more economical and competent systems. Turnstone's installation process is of the highest caliber; not only do our pump rooms look like geometric works of art, but our expert installers program and calibrate the water systems with NASA-like precision.   
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