Faux Bois

Faux Bois, French for false wood, is the artistic imitation of wood from concrete. While it has roots in the Renaissance,  this art form was particularly popular in the late 19th century through the 1940's. Faux bois art has largely disappeared with the passing of those most expert in its practice. What few objects remain from that peak period are now highly prized by collectors. At Turnstone, our artists combine their sculpting expertise with the techniques of past artisans to create authentic faux bois furniture. We use the traditional method of Ferro-cement, which is a system of hand-carved reinforced mortar in conjunction with metal mesh and thin steel rods, to build our faux bois pieces. Our work is structurally robust and aesthetically elegant. Prices are listed, but there is no additional charge for a custom piece of similar style.

Please contact us at turnstone@turnstoneconstruction.com for purchasing information.

                  Table 29" tall, 25" wide  $1250

Table 35"tall, 42"-47" wide  $1350

Table 27" tall, 24" wide   $1250 

Table 28" tall, 23" wide  $1250 

                   Table 30" tall, 24"wide  $1250

                  Table 31" tall, 25" wide  $1250

Table 29" tall, 43" wide  $1350 

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