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Turnsone has built many beautiful pools and spas by creating organic forms adorned with stone . Artists sculpt the shell and surrounding areas as though they are a "pothole" -  a natural depression scoured out by nature over thousands of years.  Often, water falling over a cliff face into the pool will finish the scene. Turnstone designs and engineers the mechanical system as well as the water containment shell, with many personalized options.           


Flowing water is one of the three most entrancing occurrences in nature - fire and the stars being the others.  Harnessing this power in a  natural way is a Turnstone speciality. With access to the very beautiful natural rock in the region, including high cascade granite and basalt, Turnstone is considered expert in natural rock placement and water feature formations. Most importantly, all work is contained within a waterproof structural concrete shell to ensure longevity. Careful forming systems are employed to soften the edges of the work and enhance the transition to the landscape. Water treatment that is friendly to fish and plants are often used in our work. 


Turnstone has built many natural streamscapes.  Some contain built elements while others meander naturally through trees and rock outcroppings before cascading into a Koi pond to produce aeration. One of the keys to building a successful stream is to minimize the visible edge as it transitions to the surrounding landscape.  Turnstone achieves this by forming the concrete at the perimeter of the stream to a point,  allowing the streamside plants to engage the streamscape more naturally. 

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